Performance in Abundance

Vincent has always relied on enough power to drive even critical speakers. But since a very good power supply is important for a good sound, even our CD players are equipped with power supply units, with which some manufacturers would run an amplifier.

German Development

Against often different announcements (also in the press) Vincent is a German brand whose essential developments take place in Germany. Technologically important parts are manufactured in Germany and the final assembly of many devices takes place in Germany.


Today, the Vincent brand is represented in over 40 countries. A group of HiFi enthusiasts from Sintron Distribution GmbH is constantly driving the "Good Sound" project forward and today supports over 35 different Vincent products. Technologically important parts are manufactured in Germany and a number of products are also assembled in Germany. Today we are proud of many innovations in our Vincent products, which are often associated with tube technology. All of our Vincent machines are handcrafted and undergo the most stringent quality controls. The frequently used hybrid technology, a mixture of tubes and transistor technology, finds its expression in our own protected design of the Tube Line.

You can't describe a Vincent, you have to hear him.