Sintron Electronics Wholesale

Since 1994 the company Sintron Distribution GmbH has been working as an electronics wholesaler with a strict loyalty to specialist dealers in Germany. In the past few years, our product range has grown steadily to meet the demands of the market for an electronics wholesaler. As a result, 4 warehouses have been built over the years. Our wholesale assortment includes more than 5000 different products. We see our task as an electronics wholesaler in the procurement of products that achieve a high turnover rate on the market.

In order to fulfil this task, we maintain close contact with our customers and are always open to suggestions if the products fit into our wholesale range. Since our main task is procurement, we always try to procure products according to your specifications. These articles are manufactured according to your wishes and procured via our purchasing network. They do not appear in our electronics wholesale assortment and are treated as pure OEM products. If you are looking for such products or need them for your production please contact us. As an electronics wholesaler, we have over 84 different product groups and thus offer you a wide range from tools, cables and speakers to record players.

Our hall for foreign distributors

The fastest possible logistics for large packaging units paired with state-of-the-art warehousing enable us to support more than 40 countries.

Hifi distributor

In our function as hifi distributor we serve the entire market: from small stationary hifi dealers to large online retailers, from Germany to Europe and all over the world.weiter


Sintron Distribution GmbH is a manufacturer of various brands. We are both manufacturer of various electronic articles and of a wide assortment in the segment Audio and Hifi.weiter

Newest logistics in our small parts warehouse

With modern forklift systems we are able to ship orders in over 90% of all cases on the same day. A special priority is of course the stocking of goods in order to guarantee a high delivery capacity.