McGee is the oldest brand owned by Sintron Distribution GmbH. It exists since 1993.

When the McGee brand was founded, the focus was on PA technology. At that time with production facilities in Singapore, later with production facilities in Berlin and today again in Asia. In addition to the required sound pressure level in PA applications, the sound of the devices was also a matter of concern at an early stage. So, out of an old love for tubes, the first hifi products were soon manufactured, including the legendary McGee Dream tube amplifier from Berlin. Over time, McGee turned more and more to the home hifi segment.

Today, the brand is characterized by a young face and it continues to work with tube technology. However, this is extended by additional, modern functions. So, the amplifiers work not only with analog technology but also with common digital signals. They accept Bluetooth connections and also work as streaming devices in WiFi mode. McGee is as changeable as our time, following the needs of its users in the high-end hifi segment. However, this is always under the premise of delivering the best quality at a fair price. So, there will be a lot more to come at McGee in the future.

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McGee equipment and boxes are handcrafted and go through long testing and burn-in phases to ensure maximum quality and durability.

Hybrid Technology

McGee combines tube and transistor technology in some devices like no other. The makers of McGee can look back on over 25 years of experience. Enjoy the power of the transistor along with the natural sound of the tube.