Dynavox - For the high demand, but affordable!

The first Dynavox products were high quality speaker kits. Due to the great success with these products, it quickly became clear that adequate electronics had to find their way into the range. Thus, the first tube amplifiers were developed and built on the cornerstones of the brand - which are still valid today - namely sound, quality and affordability. The fact that many of these devices are still in the Dynavox range today speaks for itself and so the history of Dynavox has continued.

Today, the Dynavox portfolio includes more than 250 audio and sound products. Whether they are amplifiers, record players, speakers, cables, Bluetooth devices or the large range of accessories, Dynavox continues to follow the credo of delivering very good sound at an affordable price. With the world of Dynavox you create the best conditions for the entry into the upscale hifi enjoyment.

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Brand Dynavox

Hardly any other product group stands as strongly for our own developments as our tube equipment. These represent all other products for a very good sound at affordable prices.