Final - High-quality headphones with high-end sound from Japan

Final was founded in 1974. Initially the business was limited to the production of scanning systems for record players and the manufacturing of record players themselves. Step by step, own loudspeakers and amplifiers were designed, especially horn-type loudspeakers and massive amplifiers made of stainless steel shaped the image of Final Audio for a long time. The first headphones were manufactured in 2000 - both models with ABS plastic housings and the first stainless steel models were offered, before cooperation with Molex Japan - the world's second largest cable and connector manufacturer - began in 2007.

Since 2009, Final has presented a wide range of products in all price segments - from entry-level headphones for everyone to absolute high-end models - covering every customer's sound preference. High-quality processed stainless steel and polymer housings in a beautiful design paired with self-developed drivers with amazing sound characteristics represent the philosophy of changing the concept of headphone construction from Final to 100%.

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High-End Sound

Final strives for the best possible sound reproduction with all headphones. Its top priority is to reproduce the sound in a natural way. The music should be as pure as possible. Even over longer periods of listening to music, characteristics that disturb the listener during playback should be eliminated so that a long-lasting musical enjoyment can be guaranteed.

Research and development in its own factory

The improvement of existing driver technologies is constantly being pushed forward by the engineers at Final, so better sound results are achieved and limits are further explored. For this reason, it has built its own factory to make the impossible possible. Final believes that the realization of previously unimaginable ideas requires an environment that not only brings together feedback from design development and the production department, but also functions as a complete manufacturing facility with all the necessary tools for the testing phase.